Top Digital Nomad Villages in Europe

A digital nomad is a person who lives a nomadic lifestyle and uses technology to fulfil the requirements of their job as they travel from place to place. Rather than working from the company’s office, a digital nomad works remotely and telecommutes. Vast technological advancements in recent years have made this kind of lifestyle possible. Examples of this are easily accessible Wi-Fi, smartphones, content management software, etc. The continued rise in popularity of the gig economy has also made being a digital nomad a viable option.

When desk jobs around the world went remote at the beginning of the pandemic, a new group of digital nomads formed in response. Even families turned to a nomadic lifestyle, many of whom started home-schooling their children or putting them in virtual classrooms. They make this work by working remotely and often blogging about their travels as a digital nomad.

Since this has become an increasingly popular choice, there has been a demand for more co-living and co-working spaces for people looking to live abroad and work remotely. Digital nomad villages have therefore emerged to meet the needs of this particular traveller. Most of Europe’s top digital nomad locations are in larger cities like Barcelona and Lisbon. However, the quieter and more tranquil villages in Europe are providing an alternative for a less hectic digital nomad life. Typically, digital nomad villages bring remote workers together in a picturesque area. They provide spaces to work, Wi-Fi, and events centred around networking and community-building.

Here are the top 5 digital nomad villages in Europe.

Madeira, Portugal

This Portuguese archipelago was reportedly the first digital nomad village in the world. It was established in early 2021 when there were still stringent Covid restrictions throughout Europe. The village helps facilitate an easy settling-in period for nomads on the island. Digital nomads are provided with access to a co-working space at no cost. They also receive guidance on finding somewhere to stay. Members of the nomadic community may join the Slack group where weekly events are posted.

The Canary Islands, Spain

Because the Canary Islands are closer to Africa than to Europe’s mainland, they are perhaps a better option for those seeking warmth during the winter. Specifically, Gran Canaria’s Las Palmas is where Nomad City has taken root. They offer remote workers co-living accommodation and connect via a Facebook group.

Nomad City is not the only place for digital nomads to connect. There are smaller communities in Fuerteventura and Tenerife which both offer fast Wi-Fi in their co-working spaces.

Lagos, Portugal

A newer, more up-and-coming digital nomad village is in Portugal’s Algarve region. The Lagos community says that this is the place for anyone looking to get more involved in meditation, yoga, and other mindful activities while also co-living and co-working.

Bankso, Bulgaria

While many digital nomad villages tend to be near sandy beaches, there are other opportunities for those not necessarily looking for sun and saltwater. One of Europe’s most prominent digital nomad communities can be found in the Bulgarian mountains at the Bankso ski resort. It is one of the most cost-effective places for digital nomads to live in Europe. Plus, there are numerous activities during both the cold and warm months. The resort has several spaces for co-living and co-working, and they promote events in their Facebook group.

Trento, Italy

Trento Remote is described as a fully comprehensive programme for a remote life. Nomads who visit the village will receive help in finding accommodation and spaces to work. Additionally, they will be invited to participate in get-togethers and excursions. Trento Remote is in a town near Trento, Italy. The village offers a beautiful lake and top-notch schools.

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Is this lifestyle right for you?

Because this way of living has become more normalised in recent years, some countries are starting to offer digital nomad visas, often as an expansion of their already in place working visas. As a wealth management firm who services clients across Europe, we are always keeping up to date on the options afforded to expatriates. The list of European countries offering this option includes places like Croatia, Malta, Spain, and others. It is an ever-expanding list as countries are realising how implementing this visa can breathe new life into some of their less travelled but no less beautiful regions. It can also help establish a deeper sense of place among the communities, especially as the digital nomadic lifestyle can sometimes be an isolating experience.

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