TOP 5 Healthy Habits that lead to a Richer, Fuller Life

If we want to be around long enough to enjoy our wealth, good habits are essential and make a huge difference to our overall health. And if you incorporate these into your daily life – the results you see over time due to ‘gradual habit forming’ on your physical, emotional and brain health, can be phenomenal.

It will require commitment and dedication, of course. And although these TOP 5 habits should form a part of your daily routine – don’t put pressure on yourself if you slip up. Strive for progress, not perfection.

‘Health Really is Wealth’

1: Make water your first drink in the morning

This makes a huge difference to your energy levels. Why room temperature? TIP – Water straight from the fridge is way harder for the body to absorb. Keep water out of the fridge but away from direct sunlight. Where possible, transfer your water into glass bottles. Sunrays penetrating plastic causes toxins to be released from the bottle into the water. That’s why you should never leave water in your car on a warm day.

2: Not a fan of the Gym?

Get on your bike – or take a brisk walk instead. Morning or evening just to get the blood pumping and the heart rate up. 30 minutes is perfect to dust off the cobwebs. TIP – For even better results add on 15 minutes of weights or a form of muscle toning exercise. There are a ton of free online fitness programs and apps on the market if you want to record your heart rate and fitness progress.

3: Read before going to bed

There are several benefits to reading daily. The obvious one is gaining knowledge. By simply giving yourself a break from technology – a good book not only reduces stress levels but increases healthy brain activity. Reading for 30 minutes before bed will help you to relax and drift off to sleep faster.

4: No Mobile phone in the bedroom at night

Melatonin levels are affected by the blue light emitted by our phone and laptop screens which can lead to disturbed sleep patterns and even insomnia. So, no more electronics at least one hour before bedtime if you want to wake up fresh as a daisy in the morning. In addition to that – keep mobile phones in another room while sleeping. Your switched on mobile will be trying to connect to phone towers every minute or so, emitting a frequency pulse that disturbs our brain frequency. Not ideal!

5: Eat The Rainbow

…Which means a plate full of color! LOTS of fresh fruit and veggies in your diet. Need we say more?

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