The Wealth Management Formula

Dominic and Lucy have had plenty of success, both in their careers and their marriage. But… just like 4 out of 5 successful couples, they’re not sure whether they have the right financial adviser to help them meet their family’s long-term needs and goals. And this isn’t exactly surprising when you look at the numbers.


With over 695,000 advisers/intermediaries in Europe alone, you need a system to help you spot the best – from the rest.

So Dominic and Lucy did some digging…

It turned out that in more than 1,400 successful couples studied, most reported 5 major challenges and concerns when it comes to managing their finances. With that in mind, it only makes sense that the most successful and capable financial advisers use a wealth management formula that incorporates 3 key components to specifically address and solve the most pressing financial management challenges faced by people like Dominic and Lucy.

Investment Consulting: This deals with the number one concern of successful individuals and couples – which is always to make smart decisions about their finances using investment strategies to support the quality of life that’s important to them. And while 100% of financial advisers claim to do this… only a few do it well.

The next part of the formula addresses – Advanced Planning and unfortunately, only 6% of financial advisers proactively do this. Advanced planning takes care of the other 4 top financial challenges.

  • Wealth Enhancement – The second biggest concern which successful individuals and couples experience involves their desire to mitigate income taxes. The best financial advisers respond to that concern by developing and implementing strategies to protect your income from being excessively taxed. Allowing you to keep more of the money you’ve worked hard to build.
  • Wealth Transfer – Successful people are not only concerned with their own wealth, but also the wealth of their children, grandchildren, and the legacy of their family’s future. Advanced planning gives you the necessary peace of mind in knowing that your own wealth will also take care of your heirs as well.
  • Wealth Protection – The 4th major financial concern reported by successful individuals and couples, involves protecting the wealth they’ve worked so hard to grow. This makes it critical to put barriers in place that prevent your wealth from being unjustly taken from you.
  • Charitable planning – Many successful people are contributors and want to make a difference in the world, so it only makes sense that their 5th biggest financial concern would be the ability to leverage their wealth in order to magnify that impact – using it to benefit society through charitable planning.

After lots of thought, Dominic and Lucy were convinced that advanced planning was the key to the financial future they’d envisioned. But there was another piece of the Wealth Management puzzle they knew was also critical.

Relationship Management – Simply put, top financial advisers have a clear and compelling process to deal with each of the 5 financial concerns above. This includes not only their relationship with you the client, but also other professionals related to your wealth management, like accountants, solicitors, and life insurance specialists with whom they can work in a coordinated fashion to help you meet all your ‘big-picture’ financial goals.

At the end of the day, Dominic and Lucy see themselves as the co-CEO’s of their family – and likewise they will see their new financial adviser as their own personal CFO, helping them to achieve all that’s important to them and their family throughout the course of their lives.

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