The Steps to Retirement Planning as Your Financial Adviser in Spain 

The steps to retirement planning as your financial adviser in Spain. Retirement planning can be an intricate process and should be tailored personally for each individual. The multi-step process is one that will evolve over the years and may adjust with your goals. As your financial adviser in Spain, we can help you put a plan together that will allow you to have the secure and enjoyable retirement you want.  

 The Steps to Retirement Planning as Your Financial Adviser in Spain 


First of all, we need to look at the expected period between your current age and retirement. Those with a longer period of time between now and retirement (of at least ten years) may benefit significantly more from riskier investments. If retirement is only a few short years away, then the focus will be more along the lines of income and wealth preservation. Lower risk investment strategies are recommended, and inflation should be much less of a concern. Those about to leave the work force will be affected very differently by inflation than those just entering the workforce.  

As your financial adviser in Spain, by assessing this possible timescale we will weigh the risks and benefits to help you make the best choices for your retirement plan every step of the way. 

2.Spending Needs for Retirement

How much do you think you will be spending once you hit retirement? Many people assume they would be spending less but that might not be the case. With an average of eight extra hours in the weekdays, there is lots of spare time to fill. You´ll have much more time available to you for shopping, exploring, eating out, and more. Maybe you even want to go traveling or tick a few more things off your bucket list. These things all need to be factored into your plan. Private Client Consultancy, as your financial adviser in Spain, can guide you in the right direction to producing a realistic figure for your retirement years. 


Once you have defined your spending needs and timescale then we can begin to calculate how your return rate will look after tax. Although not a popular topic, it is imperative that tax is included throughout your retirement plan for it to be feasible, otherwise, you may find the end result is not enough. Your return rates have to be calculated on an after-tax basis. And determining what your tax status will be when you come to withdraw your funds is also a particularly important factor. But don´t worry, as your financial adviser in Spain, we are here to help with the numbers. 

4.Inheritance and Succession Planning 

For a comprehensive retirement plan, it is essential to consider inheritance and succession planning. Life insurance should also be investigated. When all these things are put in place you can be at ease knowing that when the time comes the ones you love will be cared for and that your assets will go exactly where you want them to.  

A crucial part of this is to also include tax planning. Depending on where you wish your assets to go, the process may become somewhat complicated, and various options should be compared. As your financial adviser in Spain, we will talk you through all this so that you can fully understand the tax implications and make an informed decision. 

What next? 

In an ever-changing world so is retirement planning, and it may be more important now than ever before to have your own plan in place. For many, the most difficult part of retirement planning is ensuring their plan is realistic. As your financial adviser in Spain, we will work to provide you with the best solutions every step of the way, so that you can achieve the retirement of your dreams. Speak to one of our Wealth Managers today to get started

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