PCC Network for IFAs

PCC Network for IFAs. Private Client Consultancy’s Managing Partner, Mark Hopcroft, speaks about the PCC Network for IFAs; 

Being asked to lead PCC Wealth Network (in my view one of European Financial Advice’s best kept secrets!) is both an honour and a privilege. As we look forward to, what I believe, will be exponential growth for the network I wanted to reflect on what I have found within our business now, the challenges I believe the market faces, and how PCC are brilliantly positioned to help our member firms meet these challenges head on, and thrive and prosper in the future. 

Considering the business now in the few short months I have been in situ I have been so impressed by the quality in a number of areas. 

Firstly, the quality of our member firms who are passionate about providing high quality and holistic planning to support their clients. 

Secondly, the quality, energy and passion of our internal teams in both serving those clients and in driving the business forward. 

Thirdly the quality of our service and proposition in supporting advisers and ensuring they have the tools to safely transact business in their chosen areas and regions. 

This made me think about the Networks DNA, or core values, what is important to us in the way we act and behave and our guiding principles in the way we both work with our clients, and what we test ourselves against as we build the business – I think this is four key things: 

Value – we focus on delivering value for our member firms, growing value, sharing the value we have built, and when the time is right, helping our firms realise their value. 

Enabling – our services will focus on helping our member firms lead and grow safe, successful, and sustainable business. 

Future Proofed – we will make the best use of technology, with the human touch. We are today’s network for the businesses of tomorrow. 

Independent – we are fiercely independent in thought, mind, and ownership, and we will remember all of our member firms are as well! 

Reflecting on the market in a broader context then there is a clear direction of travel in the provision and regulation of advice towards transparency and efficiency, which places the consumer at the heart of the process. Sadly, an obvious observation to make currently is that, through no fault of the advisory community, the provision of financial advice, serving expatriates in the international markets is, in some instances opaque and confusing. Advisers deal with a myriad of different tax regimes, products, and regulatory obligations. The obvious consequence of this is advisory firms build inefficiencies into their models and, as is common across the globe, are uncertain of how to best utilise technology and services to manage, protect and grow their business. 

This where I believe PCC Network has a clear and obvious advantage. Our proprietary CRM and fully auditable business management and compliance system is second to none, and added to that is a brilliant marketing and customer acquisition tool. In line with our DNA, we believe in independence and wherever we can we hold our own licenses to enable transparency for our clients, minimise the costs and of course not be beholden to others with dual systems and controls which sometimes run contradictory to each other and create inefficiencies. 

With all of the above, and much more, in our favour and with our ambitious plans to scale the network and look at other territories, then I think we are about to embark on a period of rapid growth – it’s going to be fun! 

If you are looking to join PCC’s Network for IFAs please email enquiries.network@pccwealth.com for more information.